alien-monkReverberating zig zag earthquakes will move tectonic plates, change the position of the oceans and rent the earth in two, preceded by dramatic climate change weather events fetching worldwide famine, floods, fire, and plagues, killing millions on a scale greater than that which governments will be able to cope, followed by an ARMAGEDDON event; the end of parts of the world as we know them.

Following one hundred per cent accuracy of his predictions using his Crystal Skulls in the art of Visual Scrying to see into Future Time, detailed in his “Alien Monk” series of books, Author Ronald Rayner has rightfully been acclaimed across the world as the greatest Prophet and Mystic alive in the world since Carl Jung and Nostradamus.

In this book, “Alien Monk 2013 Armageddon Is Coming”, Mystic and Seer Ronald Rayner has used his largest Crystal Skull, weighing over forty kilos, named as the ‘God Skull’ because it is said to have been transported in an Ark of the Covenant, to look at developments in the Solar System after the close of the Mayan Baktu Cycle on the 23rd December, 2012. He sees consequences so far reaching the scenes will be unimaginable; mass migration, societies falling apart, and violence spilling across borders due to Famine, Weather, Volcanic Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane, Plague events, all lying out there in Future Time.

As an independent scientist, Ronald Rayner is able to use his personal research and specialist knowledge to predict how the changes he has seen taking place in the Solar system will affect everyone across the globe. The results are the most dramatic he has ever witnessed; climate change affecting millions; intercontinental problems spreading everywhere triggering worldwide collapse. So much so he is announcing that Armageddon is on its way; no one is expecting it and no one is prepared for what is coming, but for thinking people to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

An interview with Craig Allen Rayner discussing his encounter with Aliens in Tibet

My interest in the activities of Aliens in Tibet was kindled by images I saw for myself in the mountain ranges around the Chinese Autonomous Region of Tibet. My first experience occurred one evening when I was staying with a party of fellow travellers in a hotel in a remote mountainous region in Tibet. I usually took the opportunity when the party was gorging on wine and food in the hotel restaurant (not the way of a trained survivalist) to leave the hotel and take in the very cold night air, and look around at the beauty of the night sky. Seating myself onto a comfortable rock where I could make notes of the day’s events, in preparation for our next book.

It was a clear night and I was admiring the glow in the heavens of familiar star patterns glowing like neon lights in the unpolluted air. Looking across the mountains, my attention was caught by a row of ball shaped lights with a bright orange glow. It was difficult to judge their size, but I would estimate that multiplying their size back to where I was standing, they would be around thirty feet in diameter. Resisting the temptation of rushing to a superficial judgement, I first considered the possibility of there being a highway into the mountains of which I was unaware, until I realised that no vehicle could move at the speed at which these lights were travelling across such steep and rough mountainous terrain. Unfortunately, in the time it took me to run to my room and grab a camera, the lights had disappeared into the mountains.

The following morning we set off in our four by four vehicles on a journey of several hours to reach a small but attractive monastery high in the mountains. I made no mention of my experience the previous evening in order to avoid the ridicule that would follow. We arrived at a small but attractive monastery in the early afternoon. While I was making my way up the steep climb to the entrance my mind was racing with excitement and anticipation of talking to the monks about the mystery of the possible extraterrestrial phenomena I had witnessed in the mountains during the previous evening.

Most of the monks stepped back and ignored my overtures to talk, until a young bright looking monk stepped forward, wearing an excited look of expectation on his beaming face. In perfect English, and barely containing himself he blurted out that he had seen the lights on many occasions, which he described as alien craft searching the mountain passes and valleys. At this point the other monks hurried away, and the young monk continued to explain that in his opinion the spheres could not be of earthly origin because of the speed and ease with which they moved over the uneven and roughest terrain. He also revealed that the older monks have told them never to talk about the spheres, because they were the spirits of dead monks returning home.

An elderly monk approached us while we were chatting, and despite my protests, ushered the young monk away, but not before he whispered to me that were I to climb into and look around the more remote caves in the mountains, I will come upon drawings and carvings on bones of alien robots, made by the monks who earn their living carrying the dead on their backs up to the remote areas in the mountains for `sky burials’, on raised trestles where bones could be picked clean by vultures.

I climbed into a few remote caves, and to my astonishment my efforts were rewarded by finding a few yak bones with drawings and letters, clearly of alien origin. I showed my gratitude to the Himalaya by returning to that cave to place my `prayer for the world’, inside the skull of a shaman that I bought in the local village.

It makes sense to me that any alien race that had exhausted the commodities in their own universe, and were looking for Uranium with which to power their space craft, would land rovers or robots in the Himalaya to search for this most rare of commodities in the galaxy. What I saw in the mountains can be confirmed by many independent witnesses, and it is possible that scientists will come forward with their own explanations of why balls of lights are travelling in the Himalaya. Coming up with an explanation to discredit the carvings on my yak bone will prove a little more difficult. In the meantime I shall continue to search the Himalaya for evidence of aliens or their calling cards.

Craig Allen Rayner, Lhasa, Tibet.